how to vectorize an image

How To Improve Image Quality

If you want to improve image quality what should you do? Whether it’s to improve a logo, your new Facebook profile pic, or anything else we have all wished we could improve image quality at some point haven’t we? The good news is there is actually a wide number of ways how to do it.

how to vectorize an image

How to convert photo to CAD drawing

Find out how to convert a photo to a cad drawing in vector or CAD software with this easy to understand tutorial with illustrations and videos. If you want to convert image files to CAD, you have two options. Either you manually redraw your image to CAD or use auto-tracing software.

how to vectorize an image

How to Turn a Photo into a Vector Line Drawing

Learn how to turn a photo into a vector line drawing in Adobe Illustrator or contact us and we will create vector line art for you. Vector line drawing can be created in most vector editors, but we will demonstrate the procedure to turn a photo into line art in Adobe Illustrator software.

how to vectorize an image

How to vectorize an image

When it comes to converting images to vectors, there are two basic ways to complete the process. Either you can go with an online company to do the work for you or you can use software solutions to do the work yourself. Depending on the extent and importance of what you are trying to do, these will be the deciding factors in whether you want to do it yourself or go with an outside company.

file formats

How to open vectors in photoshop

When it comes to opening vectors, you will need the right type of software to get the job done. One of the most common is Photoshop which also happens to be the most popular type of image software system as well.

raster vs vector logo

Raster vs vector logo

Logo graphics are important to any business because they are the best way for people to recognize a certain product, and the company that makes that product. However, when it comes to graphics, people may not know that there is more than one way that these logos can look. For people who are in the business world, or are about to get into it, knowing the difference between how these logos are printed is very important.

file formats

Explanation of file formats

EPS stands for Encapsulated Poscript and is a graphics file such as pictures, logos or photographs. It’s also for layouts of pages, maps or other types of images. The EPS file contains both bitmap and vector data for each file and uses the Postscript page description language in its internal code.

how to vectorize an image

Manual vectorization vs auto-tracing software

The conversion of a bitmap image into a vector image either manually or with the help of a computer program is called vectorization or tracing. For the best quality files, vectorization is less expensive also. When files are given for vectorization, in case there is text with small letters either the font is to be specified or substitution of font should be allowed.

edit pdf files

Edit PDF Files Using Our Smart and Affordable Services

We all know how secured is the PDF file format, and this makes this format so popular and being used widely. Be it an office document, or some important set of instructions, online user manuals, software information, ebooks, academic information etc, all are circulated in the most preferred document format – the PDF format.

cartoon me

Change Your Taste of Room Decor with Your Pictures by Using Cartoon Me

How about having a cartoon of yours hanging on wall and greeting your guests into the living room of your house! Won’t it be a great idea to surprise your guests and decorate your interior at the same time? Well there are more functions of using ‘cartoon me’ than only surprising your guests. It would make you smile often as you will look at it.

digitize documents

How to digitize documents and images

Document Digitization is the process in which a hand written text document is converted to its digital equivalent; I.E. a word document, PDF. Power Point presentation or one of several other extensions you may require. This may also include the digitization and redraw of sketches you may have, illustrations or logos into that of a vector format to as well as the editing of such images.