Professional Image Processing Service

We offer accurate, high-quality image-related services to our clients. Whether vectorizing images to give your company or organization a sheen of professionalism or editing photos to help you show exactly what you intend, we can get you just what you need at an affordable price. We can convert any graphic file type (psd, png, jpg, gif, tiff) and export to multiple file formats (ai, eps, pdf, svg, dwg, dxf, cdr). So what are you waiting for? Get Vectorized!


Vectorization Services

  • vectorize-sketch

    Vectorize Sketches

    Did you make a perfect black and white or color sketch of your logo, illustration or company mascot? We can recreate your sketch in a vector format with perfect fidelity.

  • vectorize-logos

    Vectorize Logos

    Unsatisfied with a blurry or distorted logo? We can clean it up to professional quality in a snap! If you’re looking for some tweaking, we can also modify or improve your company logo according to your needs and expectations.

  • Vectorize-Scans-or-Blueprints

    Vectorize Scans or Blueprints

    Don’t let low-quality scans lead to problems down the road with your technical drawings! We can prepare your blueprints or technical drawing for any CAD software.

  • vectorize-photos

    Vectorize Photos

    Can’t get a paper copy of your image? No problem! All we need is a photo of your image or logo from a smartphone and we can instantly digitize it into bitmap and raster formats.

  • Vectorize-Drawings-or-Illustrations

    Vectorize Drawings or Illustrations

    Do you have a hard copy of an illustration that you would like to get onto your PC? Our vectorization service is a must for any artist. We can render your drawing, sketch, or illustration in a vector format so you can edit it or print it at any size.

  • Vectorize-Print-Materials

    Vectorize Print Materials

    If your graphic designer only gave you a bitmap format to work with, we can take those materials the extra mile! We can turn print materials like business cards, flyers, letterhead, signs, badges, or even billboards into a 100% scalable vector format to ensure high-quality printing at any size.

Photo Editing Services

  • Background-Removal-or-Adding-Shadows

    Background Removal or Adding Shadows

    Whether you need the background cut out of a photo or you need something realistically added to one, we can prepare your photo efficiently and accurately. All of our background removal is hand-drawn in Photoshop, not done automatically, guaranteeing the very highest level of detail and quality for your photo.

  • Color-Correction

    Color Correction

    Is the photo that has just what you need old or low-quality? Advanced color correction and enhancing contrast can bring these photos to life, ensuring you get exactly the image you want!

  • photomanipulation


    Sometimes you can’t find the perfect picture for your ecommerce website or other site. That’s where photomanipulation comes in. By putting together the right elements of separate photos or removing undesirable components, we can provide you with just what you’re looking for.

  • Retouching


    This is one of the most common requirements for photos, and is definitely a must-have for any photo featuring a model. We can clean up your image and remove every spot and speck, no matter how tiny. Definitely a must-have for any picture or photo featuring a model. Don’t waste your company’s time with less than perfection!

Other Services

  • Graphic-Design

    Graphic Design

    Our experts are ready to help you design your organization’s digital or print materials, including logos, business cards, flyers, posters, newsletters, and more! And while other graphic designers might leave you in the lurch with poorly-rendered or non-scalable images, all Vectorize-designed images are fully scalable and exported in multiple file types, making sure your organization’s designs come out perfectly in any size or media type.

  • Web-Development-and-SEO

    Web Development and SEO

    Our coding services make a website easy for anyone to add, edit, and manage their content. All coding is consistent across all browser types and is incredibly responsive. Improving your SEO will help increase conversions by making your site rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing.

  • Embroidery-Digitizing

    Embroidery Digitizing

    Are you looking to have your logo, team name, or event name embroidered on a T-shirt, cap, or jacket? We can help you digitize your image for embroidery companies so your organization’s garments come out looking perfect.