Privacy Policy

At VectorizeImages, we value the privacy and security of our clients above all. Here is a summary of our policies in place to protect the information given to us by our clients.


Over the course of working with you, we will need access to a certain amount of identifying and non-identifying information. Typically, this information will include your full name, e-mail address, address and VAT. This information will be kept strictly confidential, and will never be given, sold, or traded to any other company or organization without your express consent. Any information will be used only for providing you the top-notch professional service you have paid for. Uses of your information to deliver that service include processing transactions, communicating with you about your order, and keeping in touch about the latest at VectorizeImages.

This pledge of confidentiality also extends to the images that you provide to us for vectorization, manipulation, or any of our other services. All images sent to us will remain the property of our clients, and VectorizeImages will have no right to use these images beyond the scope of the work we have been hired to do.

While it is your right as our client to refuse to provide personal information to us, a certain amount of information is necessary to work together; if at any point you have any questions about why we are asking for any of your personal information, feel free to ask and we’ll be glad to talk it over.


Like most websites, uses cookies to personalize the experience of current and potential clients who visit us online. No personal information is recorded or stored in the process, and the only data gathered from cookies is used for statistical purposes telling us how people are finding our website. As above, no data gathered from cookies is given, sold, traded, or transferred to any other entity.
Google ads:
Google DoubleClick cookies on our website collect information about your browsing habits in order to make advertising more relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times you see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The cookies remember the websites that you did visit so these informations are shared with other parties such as advertisers.


As our clients’ privacy is our top priority, VectorizeImages takes every possible step to protect the information and data provided to us. Our safe servers are continually maintained and improved upon in order to safeguard our clients’ privacy. State-of-the-art software encryption as well as dedicated real-life security guarantees that your information will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed or used without your express permission. All systems containing personal information are restricted only to our authorized staff.


There are some links to other websites contained on the VectorizeImages website, and this Privacy Policy does not apply to any of these other websites. We make no guarantee about the security or quality of information found through any links to third-party websites. All content and information accessed through these external links are the property and responsibility of their creator.


We are an international company and engage in business with clients from all over the globe. Our company is located in the jurisdiction of the European Union, so all transactions and communication with VectorizeImages is subject to EU rights and laws. As such, all information provided to our company by clients outside Europe will be transferred to our HQ in Europe. VectorizeImages makes every reasonable guarantee to protect your information during all international transactions, and provides services strictly in accordance with EU and international law.


In accordance with the US Children’s On-line Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), VectorizeImages does not collect any information from persons younger than 13 years old. By sharing any personal information with us through any form of communication, users attest that they are at least 13 years old or above the legal age of majority in their home country. If any information that has been shared with us is discovered to pertain to a person under 13 years of age, that information will be immediately deleted and further contact with that person will be discontinued.


Any content submitted to a website is governed by EU copyright laws. Any unauthorized distribution, duplication or processing performed without written consent of the creator is subject to EU copyrighting regulations. By uploading an image to us for vector conversion, assumes you are the owner of image or have explicit permission from the author to duplicate the graphics.

8. MOBILE APPS for iOS and Android:

All our apps collect personal information like your name, address, email and images that you want to vectorize. We are requesting these information because we want to offer you our help with processing your images. We will not share or sell any of you personal data gained through our apps to any person or company without your consent. We store uploaded image to our server only temporarily for vectorization purposes. If you decide use or don’t use our service, we will delete your files from our servers within 2 weeks.