Vectorize a logo for print and web usage

We can help you vectorize a logo or any image to create a high-resolution vector format. This means getting rid of your old blurry and pixelated logo and receiving a crisp, sharp vector logo that can be scaled without any loss in quality.

1. Improve quality of your logo
2. Free online proof
3. Get it quick 2-24 hours
4. Print ready files

Service starts at 9$

Why should you vectorize a logo?

Quality Improvement

Having a blurry or pixelated logo can be a problem for your business. People have a natural tendency to trust companies with modern, professional, and sharp graphic designs. Vectorizing is the best method to turn a low-quality logo into a sharper, visually pleasing brand design. Our image processing service is here to improve the quality of your logo and remove any trace of blurriness or pixelization.

Print & Web Files

Does your printing company require files which you do not have? If so, we can help you generate the right file formats and explain the importance of vector graphics for printing. You do not want distorted or blurry logos for your website or social media accounts. Instead, we can provide you with sharp, scalable logo files using the process of vector conversion.


We offer services that will help customize the logo to your needs, with the exception of a straightforward logo to vector redrawing. Sometimes, the colors of the logo can be dull, outdated, or no longer suit your need. We can change the shade of the color upon your request. We can also correct poor shapes, unsuitable sizes, remove unnecessary lines, and even change the title or slogan that needs to be corrected. Give us a call and we will fix your logo.

Get It Quick

While most advertising companies will process your request within a week, our online service can vectorize your logo right away. Typical turnaround time for most company logos is one to four hours maximum. After we review your files, we will give you the exact time it takes to vectorize your logo and provide a price for you that is fair and competitive.

Why Choose Our Services?

1. 100% Manual Work

We do not auto-trace logos. Every logo we vectorize is carefully redrawn into a vector format which preserves all the details. Auto-tracing tools are not precise which means that in most cases the results are not usable. Manual vectorization is the right choice if your logo needs to be sharp, accurate, and in the size requested by the printing company or web platform service.

2. Online Proof

We do not require payment upfront. Instead, you will get a preview of the vectorized logo before you decide whether to make the purchase. We believe in satisfying our client’s needs first, so we are happy to only sell you top-notch vector files. You can pay the PayPal invoice using your credit or debit card after approving of the vectorized logo.

3. Friendly Service

Our professional, friendly attitude to all our customers is something that is appreciated. This accounts for the many positive reviews in our testimonial section along with our Facebook page. People are clearly satisfied with our work, communication, and final results. We ask that you contact us, so we can answer your questions, provide sound advice, and ensure that you get what you want from our vectorizing services.

4. Unlimited Revisions

We can perform as many revisions as needed to obtain the desired effect from your logo design. We believe that there is always something that can be improved. We know it and are open to redoing and modifying logos to suit our customer’s needs.

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Frequently asked questions


1. How to Vectorize Logos

There are two methods to vectorizing logos. The first is auto-tracing that is performed by software that will vectorizing your logo quickly, but the results are less than ideal. The second is manual vectorization by a graphic designer. This type of vectorization does take more time because the logo is being redrawn by hand, but the results are accurate, high-quality, and are far closer to your needs.


2. Why is My Logo Pixilated or Blurry?

The most common reason is that it is a bitmap logo that has been resized one, two, or more times. Although bitmap logos can be sharp, they drop considerably in quality when they are enlarged. For a sharp logo that avoids pixelation issues and blurriness, you will need to have it vectorized.


3. What are Vector Logo File Formats?

Vector file formats do not lose quality after enlargement or change in size. The most common vector file formats are as follows – AI, ESP, PDF, SVG, CDR. AI is the main format of Adobe Illustrator and CDR is Corel Draw, which are both vector editors.


4. How Much Does It Cost to Vectorize a Logo?

It is not an easy task, but the average time to transform a logo into a vector format takes from one to five hours. This means that the typical price ranges from $10 up to $40. Remember that this price is presented in advance, so you know how much you are paying before the work is completed.


5. Do I Need a Vector File for My Logo?

The simple answer is yes. Bitmap logos are quite difficult to use for printing purposes. For companies that want to print a brand image on different formats, such as paper, t-shirts, and the like, vector files are the best for logo designs.