Frequently Asked Questions

We provide our clients with the following services

1. We provide our clients with the following services.

  • 1. Vector conversion: We can remove the blurriness from your images and provide you with art that is ready for a variety of uses, including cutting, printing or engraving.
  • 2. Digitized Embroidery: We take your hand drawn images and recreate them to your specifications with our digital software. Then, the image is sewn onto your preferred material. A file of the image is then provided, in addition to a high resolution scan of our sewing.
  • 3. Convert images to CAD: Your blueprints are recreated manually, as well as any papers or technical drawings you need. This is done with supreme accuracy with our CAD program.
  • 4. Custom designed icons and artwork: Our staff creates vector artwork that is specifically tailored to your needs, whether it’s your T-shirts or your brand.
Bulk Rates

2. Bulk Rates

Discounts are available for regular customers who require more work than others.

Fast Completion

3. Fast Completion

Typically, customers are able to receive their files within 24 hours. Any longer and you will be notified.

Cost Of Changes

4. Cost Of Changes

Contact us at and if we’re to blame, the changes are on us and are completed as rapidly as possible. In the instance that you have ideas for a change, contact us for a quote.

Vector conversion Costs

5. Vector conversion Costs

A net rate of 14$ applies to the majority of vector files. Files with a higher degree of difficulty may cost more.

Can All Files Be Used

6. Can All Files Be Used?

Mostly. There are some photo files that may not work properly and produce a poor end result. Otherwise, we are able to deliver all vector graphics, including full colored parts, shadow, and color gradients.

How Do I Submit Original Files

7. How Do I Submit Original Files?

We accept almost any files, but 300 dpi is preferable for submissions. The higher the file quality, the better it will turn out. Please do not send any Word files with open text parts.

What Are Your Hours

8. What Are Your Hours?

We open our doors at 7 AM every Monday-Sunday and close at 5 PM.

The File You Sent Does Not Work

9 .The File You Sent Does Not Work, Now What?

Unless you have Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw previously installed on your computer, the files will not open. Our files can only be opened by certain programs.

Do You Have The Right To Use Any Art You Find

10. Do You Have The Right To Use Any Art You Find, Whether It’s A Duplicate Or An Original?

We take tremendous care to treat our clients’ work with the utmost respect. No client is able to receive another client’s work, and this is strictly enforced. Privacy is perhaps the most vital factor in doing business with a third party.