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What is raster to vector conversion?

To understand raster to vector conversion, you must first understand what each word means. Raster represents the type of image that is made up of lots of little squares, which are commonly referred to as “pixels.” Most layman people are used to dealing with raster images because these are the images produced anytime you scan an image into your computer or take a picture with your digital camera. Some of the file names associated with raster images are ones you have probably seen before, like JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP and so on.

Vector images, on the other hand, are made up of geometrical lines, shapes, points and curves. This means there are no dots or pixels inside of them, which causes vector images to become more colorful and better looking. The most common vector image formats are EPS, SVG, PDF and AI. When it comes to converting a raster image into vector, you have two choices. You can either use some automated conversion software that will give you mediocre results or you can manually redraw the raster image into vector, which can be done with vector graphics software. However, this software is not easy to use and requires a professional who knows what they are doing to use it.


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Who is using our service?

Vector images are important to any professional who performs work involving graphics, sketches or drawings. The most common professional that uses vector images are architects.They need CAD software to create their architectural sketches because vector images are the best way to calculate the dimensions of a real life building or object through a sketch. As for professionals who deal with printed graphics, they need the best quality imagery that they can get. These professionals include screen printers, digital printers, sign marketers and businesspeople. If they were printing raster images, then the outcome would be fuzzy and distorted images that would not look appealing. Vector images are clean and produce clear quality results.

What do you use vector images for?

Think about the last time you drove by a house and saw a Realtor’s “For Sale” sign on the property. That sign was printed through the use of vector imagery. If it were printed in raster then the colors and shapes wouldn’t be so colorful and perfect looking. That is why our vectorization services are used by many professionals and individuals around the world.

Anyone who creates banners, logos, signs, embroideries, engravings, graphs and blueprints will need our services. Whether you are designing the blueprint of your dream home or a graphic that you want to screen print onto your t-shirt, vector images are what you will need to use in order to produce a quality product.

Service Features

All of the vector images we draw are done manually with a fast turnaround time and high quality results. You have to be careful of other vectorization service providers because they will just use automated raster-to-vector conversion software in order to produce your vector images. Take it from a true professional; conversion software will never create a perfect vector image from a raster image. Instead, you will need a service provider that will take the time and effort to redraw the raster image, so that it will become a vector image that is flawless. Then you can impress your customers and clients by looking as professional as possible.

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