Free Vector Business Icons

Free Vector Business Icons

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Free Vector Business Icons

Description & details

Anybody who does business on the internet will certainly need vector business icons for their website or apps. Below is a collection of icons with a variety of different themes, including a calculator, shield, clock recovery, graph, dollar up, open, credit card, pin, bulb, email, copyright, phone and the list just goes on. Chances are there will come a point in your business practices where you will need one of these images to represent something about your company. You could use the copyright icon to display that your page is copyright protected. You could use the phone icon to represent a contact button or link to your company. There are just virtually so many ways to use these icons. Each one can be modified in Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

Format: PNG, JPG, EPS, AI
Dimensions: 16x16px
Size: 0,9 Mb

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