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Converting a hand sketch to vector is a great way to design your own logo and do so many other things. A vector image is a duplicate of any image except it uses less space to create. A vector image is mapped out mathematically instead of using pixels like traditional bitmap images.

The beauty of a sketch to a vector form is that it can be resized to any size without losing any of the original appeal of the hand sketched image. The ability to resize the image makes the image more usable.

Using bitmap technology to transfer a hand sketched drawing leaves the image unable to be resized without changing the quality of the image.

Creating Your Logo

Many people have great ideas and would love to create their own logo instead of having an agency do it but they do not have let’s say the Picaso gene and are concerned that their sketch will not translate well.

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The beauty of hand sketch to vector imaging is that during the transfer because it is a geometrical, mathematical process the vector image will compensate for the lack of symmetry in the image and will correct for “too many” pencil strokes and other flaws.

It will be your original image but better! Your original sketch can be enhanced in other ways as well. The original sketch can be corrected, color can be added you can even have a stunning silhouette image created. Vector imaging is an ideal way to come up with your logo because the image can be translated to any size making it an ideal way to add your logo to everything from sticky note pads to wraps for your vehicle. You do not have to leave it up to someone else to come up with the logo that you want.

What to Expect from sketch to vector form service

When you take a sketch from sketch to vector what you can expect is a cleaner crisper image that uses mathematical precision to match your original sketch. You can also expect that your image does not have to be perfect to get the end result that you want.

A professional service can take your hand drawn sketch that is a bit rustic and clean it up, add some final touches and produce the vector that you hoped for. It is a quick easy process that has many different uses. Sketch to vector can easily be accomplished and give you the results you were hoping for.

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