Raster vs vector logo

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raster vs vector logo

Raster vs vector logo – What The Differences Are Between The Two?

Logo graphics are important to any business because they are the best way for people to recognize a certain product, and the company that makes that product. However, when it comes to graphics, people may not know that there is more than one way that these logos can look. For people who are in the business world, or are about to get into it, knowing the difference between how these logos are printed is very important. Here is more information on the difference between Raster and Vector logo designs.

The Importance Of a Clear and Sharp Logo

Anyone in the business world, that uses a logo, is going to want that logo to look its best so that people will see it, know it, and then that will steer them toward that particular item when it comes time to make a purchase. If a logo is not clear, or easy to see, then people are not going to know it by sight, and that may really harm a business in terms of the customers they have and the amount of money that they make. The idea of owning a business is to make money, and logos that are memorable equals brand recognition.

Raster Logos Depend On Resolution

Raster logos are logos that are dependent on the amount of pixels that are being used for the image. When it comes to printing something, websites have a very low amount of pixels, which is around 72 per inch, newspapers are second best with around 200 pixels per inch, and magazines offer the best quality, which is around 300 pixels per inch. If a logo is being displayed on a website, it may look a little blurry, and the small squares of every pixel may easily be seen.

Vector Logos Never Lose Resolution

Vector logos are created in a way that does not depend on resolution in order to look its best. Whether that logo is on a website, or printed in a newspaper or magazine, it will always look its best no matter what size it is. Why is it that vector logos always look great? The answer is because of how these logos are drawn, and they are simply promised of lines. Because vector logos are created with lines, it does not matter at all how big or how small that logo is, it will always be crystal clear.
Logos are an important way for any company to make money because they mean instant recognition from anyone that sees it, which means more money that is to be made. For anyone in the business world, knowing the two typical ways that logos are created, which is vector or raster, will mean understanding more about graphics, and as the old say goes, knowledge is power.

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