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Paper to CAD Conversion for Architects

For architects, working with clients to help them realize their dreams is a highly rewarding experience. However, when you are handed drawings of what they want on paper it can seem problematic at first. Chances are, the vast majority of your work is done on cad and converting from paper to cad has not been easy to do.

However, that has all changed as going from several different formats into cad only requires the services of a company that is skilled in such conversion. When you want to go from paper to cad, tiff to cad or other files such as .bmp, .pdf, .jpg, .dxf, .dwf conversion and more, it can now be accomplished thanks to services from Vectorize Images.

Paper to Cad Conversion

For architects who find themselves with a piece of paper to work from, converting it to cad is now quick, precise and hassle-free when you use our services. By outsourcing your work, we can provide you with a professional, high quality cad document that is clean, accurate and works in your programs just like an original cad document.
The scan that you provide is the background so that the entire drawing can be manually redone. This means that we use your style, convention, layers and process to enter the data the way that suits you best. The end result is a copy that is an exact duplicate of the original and saved as a .dwg file. However, you can have them saved in another format if you want.
In addition to paper, blueprints and photographs can be duplicated as well. All we need is the original or exact copy to work from and our professional staff will duplicate it in the cad format.

Advantages of Cad Conversion Services

There are numerous advantages to using our services. In particular, we have the ability to convert from several different formats and create a .dwg, .dgn or .dxf file that works in the cad format. In addition, we create as many layers as you need while separating them for the following;

  • – Body
  • – Centerlines
  • – Dimensions
  • – Hidden Lines
  • – Text & More

The dimensions are shows on a separate layer for the utmost in accuracy. Our professional services offer considerable advantages as well thanks to the streamlined process

  • – Exact Accuracy
  • – Cost Effective Conversions
  • – Separated Text with its Own Layer
  • – Fast Turnaround No Matter the Size of the Job

In addition, we offer the best in feature extraction, photogrammetry, utility mapping along with the geo-coding of databases. In this manner, we can provide to our customers the best in terms of accuracy and services. Plus, we also incorporate local area planning as well, such as census or district planning maps. When it comes to paper to cad conversions, Vectorize Images has what you need in professional services to get the job done right and quickly. From hand drawn designs to photographs, blueprints and more, we have the ability to convert it cad for your needs. Call our courteous staff and let us help you convert the materials needed for your next project.

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