Embroidery digitizing

Embroidery Digitizing

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Are you looking for a way to personalize your clothing, caps, jackets and more? If so, then you will want to consider embroidery services. These digitizing services provide a unique and beautiful design transfer from computer to clothing or patches that can be used for a number of purposes.

What is Embroidery Digitization?

Basically, these are digitizing services that turn an image or design into a pattern for embroidery. This pattern can be used by a person or machine to follow and recreate the digital images to stitching on a wide variety of clothing or used as patches. The process is generally automated in terms of the transfer, but the final application is overseen by people before it is finally applied to clothing.
The image itself is loaded into software specific for embroidery services. Each area will have its own color scheme and the application is done one small area at a time to ensure the highest quality. This way the final image is expertly blended together. Color-blending is used to soften an image, but it can also be quite sharp when used for logos or crisp designs.

No Auto-Digitization

However, while the digital image is transferred to the embroidery services, there is not auto-digitizing software that is used. Instead, experienced human hands create the designs that are smoother and actually sew better than any auto-digitizing software could create.
The result is fewer breaks in the threads and an optimized count of threads which means a lower production cost for each pattern that is replicated by the embroidery services. This saves money for the clients who use this process.

How We Digitize Images

The digitalizing services are a four-step process that ensures maximum quality for the embroidery so that is matches the needs of the clients;
– Original Artwork is examined for all of its details
– An Outline is created by hand to ensure a custom stitch file
– The Needle path is determined for the stitching
– Additional Stitch files are created to maximize the details and create the best work possible
In this manner, most digital designs can be recreated to their maximum effect. However, there are limitations with extremely small letters and really tiny details that are too small for embroidery to be effective.

Where Our Embroidery Can Be Used

You can use our embroidery services for a number of different items including the following;
– Patches
– Shirts
– Polo Shirts
– Hats
– Baseball Caps
– Jackets & More
In fact, the services can be used for a myriad of items, making it perfect for businesses and organizations to personalize their clothing and gear.

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point Examples of photo to vector service ORDER NOW!

$3.5 – per 1000 stiches (caps, left chest) ($10.00 minimum charge)
$80 – logos from 22,000 to 35,000 stitches (Jacket Back Designs)
$100 – logos 35,000 to 45,000 stitches (Jacket Back Designs)
$130 – logos 45000 to 55000 stitches (Jacket Back Designs)
$150 – logos 55000 stitches and larger (Jacket Back Designs)