Manual vectorization vs Auto-Tracing software

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Vectorize image online

How to vectorize an image

The conversion of a bitmap image into a vector image either manually or with the help of a computer program is called vectorization or tracing. For the best quality files, vectorization is less expensive also. When files are given for vectorization, in case there is text with small letters either the font is to be specified or substitution of font should be allowed. The clients who have the same images in a variety of file formats may provide the file of superior quality for vectorization. There are 2 types of vectorization – manual and automatic.

Manual vectorization

In the manual conversion, the designer creates the vectorized copy by hand drawing using a set of tools. Logos are usually vectorized by redrawing them manually.

How to vectorize an image

Automatic vectorization

Automatic vectorization is done using the latest CAD programs. The vectorized images are created strictly as specified by the client. However, the quality of automatic vectoriztion depends on the quality of the original image! Consequently, a final editing is all the more important in automatic vectorization so as to make it as impressive as manual vectorization. The best quality autotracing software enables the automatic conversion of various bitmap images such as GIF, PNG and JPEG into precise as well as scalable vector images of EPS, SVG and PDF. Vectorization enables the users to save considerable amount of time as well as money when they make their images for printing, embroidery, engraving, etc.

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Manual vectorization vs Auto-Tracing software

Success of autotracing into the vector image depends on the quality of the original image. The image must be of high resolution. Autotracing cannot be a success always! When done in a typeface that is of handwriting style, autotracing can give better results since the flaws will be too small to be noticed. Autotracing is not suitable for banners since even the minute irregularities also will be projected.When a logo is to be auto traced the best way is to hand-tracing the graphics alone and manually redrawing the text.

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